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We go through life “doing”as much as we can and often as quickly as we can.  And the world is moving faster all the time.  This brings about elevated levels of tension throughout the body, mental stress, a busy mind and a disconnection between our mind and body.  The Alexander Technique teaches us that we can pause and reconnect our thinking, body and mind so that we can function more effectively and with less stress.

How you think guides how you live & move.

In the process of studying the Alexander Technique we become more mindful of not only our body usage, but of how our thinking and emotions affect and reflect throughout the body.  The technique shines a light on patterns of tension and habits of movement and thought that interfere with our innate ability to  live life with ease.


Karla Booth Diamond


NY and Online

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Karla Booth Diamond, M.AmSAT
Karla Booth Diamond

I came to the Alexander Technique because of back trouble when I was a young dancer and massage therapist.   I had always had a hyperextended lower back and struggled to get my pelvis underneath me.  It seemed the harder I tried the worse it became.  And then after a year working as a massage therapist I began to have terrible sciatic pain and days when I couldn't move luckily a friend suggested I take an Alexander lesson.  


During my first lesson I began to understand that yes, I was making it worse by pushing and tucking and that if I changed my thinking and followed the guidance of my teacher's hands I could actually "allow" my torso to unwind and become more balanced.  The first lesson also brought to my attention how tight my neck was and how connected it was to my lower back usage.  Suddenly I thought this is what my teachers have always been trying to get me to do!!!!  And somehow I'm doing the opposite!  


That was enough to convince me that I wanted to study and train to become an Alexander Teacher.  After several years of study and 3 years of training I graduated in 1990 from the American Center for the Alexander Technique which was the first US training program.  I trained under several teachers who trained with F.M. Alexander and am extremely grateful for the incredible training I received under a very gifted group of teachers.  I have been fortunate to teach workshops to actors and singers, to lecture and teach to physiotherapists, speech therapists and dancers and yoga teachers and to continue to work with other Alexander Teachers.  I have taught and lectured in Australia, Sweden, the UK and throughout the US.  

Recently I have been teaching anatomy at RIAT a teacher training run by Nanette Walsh in NYC and teaching online and in NY for part of the year.  The other part of the year I am continuing to apply the concepts of the Alexander Technique to my new adventures in sailing!  You can find out more on the Clarity page.  

Have a wonderful day

Awareness, Poise, Balance

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