Karla Booth Diamond teaches students posture and pain relief

Spring 2021 Schedule

Alexander Technique 

Lessons are available both online and in person at this time.   Lessons are 50 minutes and my fee is $100.   To set up an appointment contact me at:  WestchesterAT@gmail.com

Online Movement For Wellness Classes

All classes are currently held on Zoom

Gentle Movement  - is a combination of Gentle Yoga, Movement and Stretch with a focus on increased awareness of how we approach moving and applying the Alexander Technique to find greater ease and better coordination.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11 - 12

Flow Class - This class begins with a gentle warm up followed by a yoga flow focusing on ease,  balance, and fluidity.  Tuesday and Thursday 8 - 9am




Monthly Gentle and Restorative Yoga  4 - 5:30pm

Experience this deeply relaxing and comforting yoga practice.  After a few gentle floor warm ups we will be spending time in just a few completely supported asanas on the floor which allow you to rest into the support of the floor and cushions - much like returning to the comfort and support of the womb or your mother's arms.  With guidance and direction you can allow your body to find rest and to allow the breath to be free. No experience is necessary. All positions can be supported by a blanket or cushion. 


Suggested Donation $25 All proceeds go to a Local Community Organization.

March 14th Emergency Shelter Partnership 

April 11th   The Boys and Girls Club of Mount Kisco


June  Neighborhood Link 


August - no class

September - 

October - Food Pantry of Mount Kisco 

Functional Anatomy Workshops

This class will resume in Spring of 2021

The Human Body is amazing and beautifully designed for efficient and balanced movement.  Come explore how understanding some basic anatomy can help you experience more ease and balance.  This class is an exploration of Anatomy and the Alexander Technique through visual aids, movement and exploration. Class size is limited.

Please contact me for more information.